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The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.

fly′-ti′er (-tī′ər) n.
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Dean Finnerty, a fly-tier, Cottage Grove police officer and Southwest Oregon Field Representative for Trout Unlimited, will present a program for the Cascade Family Fly Fishers about advanced steelhead fly fishing.
Harry Powell later sold his salon, opened a tackle shop and employed fly-tier Molly Sweet.
It is an activity in which the fly-tier dresses a fly to imitate the natural one the fish would be feeding on by using materials such as fur, feather and silk (and of course a hook).
The best way, undoubtedly, is to actually watch a good fly-tier at work, sitting beside him with your own vice and materials, following him every step of the way.
Gary LaFontaine, well known fly-fishing author, publisher, speaker and innovative fly-tier, died Jan.
But that's not much when a good fly-tier can get a couple of thousand flies out of a single cape or saddle.
Tomorrow - Happy 80th+ Birthday to Felix Stolulonis, Worcester's legendary Atlantic salmon fisherman, fly-tier, and pioneer of Newfoundland fly fishing.
Another fly-tier of note was Thomas Thomas, or TwmTwm to all his acquaintances, who over half-a-century or more ago lived between Llangurug and Cwm Ystwyth.
You see, the San Fernando Valley native and renowned fly-tier is an artist.
Then I remembered that I had brought one of four special flies tied by a master fly-tier I had recently interviewed.
The course will be taught by award-winning fly-tier Steve Fernandez.
His cabin-mate, an inventive fly-tier, crafted a lighter dry fly out of a foam ear plug.