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The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.

fly′-ti′er (-tī′ər) n.
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Natural materials used in fly-tying always seem to give a much better appearance that the trout seem to like, and the Hackled Hare is well worth a swim.
In 2009, a 20-year-old American flutist and fly-tying enthusiast named Edwin Rist broke into the Natural History Museum in Tring, England, and stole 299 priceless and rare preserved bird specimens.
| Llion Williams gains some fly-tying tips from RSTAA coach John Cooper
I opened the briefcase and it was full of fly-tying feathers, fly-tying tools, hackles, fly-tying thread, and a Rabbit's mask.
Kids can look through a microscope to view bugs that fish eat; participate in a free fly-tying program with materials and tools provided; and find out more about the forest preserve's outdoor and youth programs.
The club's next competition is at Canada Lakes on May 7 and the Thursday evening fly-tying classes continue at St Josephs Club in Whitchurch Road and are open to non members.
All his fly-tying materials fit in one small side drawer of an old, scarred desk.
From its origins as a simple day trip, PHWFF now offers courses in fly fishing, fly casting, fly-tying and rod building.
Casting and Fly-tying Classes Dry Fly Academy with Nate Brumley, all levels; Fly Tying with Joe Cordeiro, intermediate; Advanced Nymph Fishing Techniques with Jason Randall.
Events include Build Your Own Trout Lure, fly-tying demonstrations and fly casting pond, from 11 a.m.
He is a University of Mississippi journalism graduate who enjoys fishing, duck hunting, and fly-tying. This year he was honored as a Mississippi Press Association winner for Best Sports Feature at weekly newspapers.