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The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.

fly′-ti′er (-tī′ər) n.
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VALE of Clwyd Angling Club is offering free fly-tying tuition both for beginners and for those who want to improve.
The club's next competition is at Canada Lakes on May 7 and the Thursday evening fly-tying classes continue at St Josephs Club in Whitchurch Road and are open to non members.
All his fly-tying materials fit in one small side drawer of an old, scarred desk.
From its origins as a simple day trip, PHWFF now offers courses in fly fishing, fly casting, fly-tying and rod building.
Casting and Fly-tying Classes Dry Fly Academy with Nate Brumley, all levels; Fly Tying with Joe Cordeiro, intermediate; Advanced Nymph Fishing Techniques with Jason Randall.
Some evening classes have fly-tying courses, so enrol if you find one.
Events include Build Your Own Trout Lure, fly-tying demonstrations and fly casting pond, from 11 a.
Project Healing Waters was established in 2005 at Walter Reed Hospital and is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly-fishing and fly-tying education and outings.
The book was an expanded edition of 130 pages dating from 1843 and included more than 75 flies and fly-tying specimens mounted with silver seals on four sheets of thick card.
SOUTH Linden Trout Fishery is holding fly-tying sessions from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday followed by a fishing session where participants can use their flies to try to catch trout.
Over the four days there will also be demonstrations of fly-tying going on in the stand.
In addition to the advanced fly-tying techniques, Fly Tying Made Clear And Simple II teaches how to craft some amazingly effective flies, such as the Anatomical Green Drake, the Copper John, and many more.