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1. Contaminated with the eggs or larvae of blowflies.
a. Tainted; corrupt: a flyblown reputation.
b. Dirty or rundown; squalid: a flyblown bar on the edge of town.


1. (Zoology) covered with flyblows
2. contaminated; tainted



1. covered with flyblows.
2. tainted or contaminated; spoiled.
3. dirty; squalid.
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Adj.1.flyblown - spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of fliesflyblown - spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies; "flyblown meat"; "a sack of maggoty apricots"
stale - lacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age; "stale bread"; "the beer was stale"
2.flyblown - foul and run-down and repulsive; "a flyblown bar on the edge of town"; "a squalid overcrowded apartment in the poorest part of town"; "squalid living conditions"; "sordid shantytowns"
dirty, soiled, unclean - soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime; "dirty unswept sidewalks"; "a child in dirty overalls"; "dirty slums"; "piles of dirty dishes"; "put his dirty feet on the clean sheet"; "wore an unclean shirt"; "mining is a dirty job"; "Cinderella did the dirty work while her sisters preened themselves"
3.flyblown - especially of reputation; "a flyblown reputation"
blemished - marred by imperfections


[ˈflaɪˌbləʊn] adj (meat) → infestato/a di uova di mosca
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Once-productive pastoral grounds have been reduced to arid, flyblown wastes strewn with the parched bones of livestock, while emaciated adults and children crowd into regional aid centres.
It is almost too much to imagine what it must have been for the Wuthathi when government authorities came and forcibly removed them and dispersed them all up and down the flyblown and utterly controlled settlements of Far North Queensland.
When, for example, Khal Drogo dismisses a minor injury as "only a new scar to boast of to my son" (Game 647), his stoic warrior machismo writes a check his auto-immune system cannot cash; the wound festers and reduces him to a flyblown wreck who will not be telling his son anything (679).
They would highlight this sad truth: American culture is so flyblown by now that teaching Justin and Jamal to read and write and know right from wrong is a far more urgent task than reviving Socrates or showing the way to aesthetic bliss.
No Land Girls, this anecdote is as flat as the flyblown prairies.
At the Kashmere Gate office, the growing irrelevance of the telegram is reflected in the flyblown calendars on walls graying with age, soot-blackened ceiling fans and a dust-covered chart showing 43 commonly used telegram messages to help customers find the shortest one for the occasion.
and throughout his travels, this old Africa hand soaks up the local detail, whether spikily noting how tourists at a buffet resemble animals at a watering hole, or recognising, on being asked which piece of flyblown chicken he would prefer, just how stark the choices are that the continent offers.
PIERRE CAMATTE, A FRENCH AID worker working in Mall to combat malaria, was kidnapped by armed locals in his hotel in the flyblown town of Menaka in the northeast of the impoverished country on the night of 26 November.