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or fly-boy  (flī′boi′)
n. Slang
A member of an air force, especially a pilot.


informal US a pilot or any member of an airforce



Slang. a member of the U.S. Air Force.
chevalier du ciel
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The collective fanboy Internet can breathe easier over George Lucas's favorite flyboy.
Afro-pop singer, Kiss Daniel enters into the month of love with his second single since floating his label, FlyBoy INC.
While Rose is a mechanic, Paige, her sister, is a Resistance pilot and fighter who gets some lessons from X-Wing flyboy Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 18 (ANI-NewsVoir): Today, Firefox Bikes and Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation organised '#EverydayAbility,' an inclusive event that witnessed able-bodied individuals as well as Persons with Disability (PwDs) participating in 'Paramotoring' activity at the Flyboy Aero Park in Gurugram.
Flyboy deserves respect when he goes to post at Carlisle for a sevenfurlong handicap.
20 Leicester Flyboy went out like a light after travelling smoothly into at Redcar last time, but it later transpired he had bled from the nose and it might pay to treat it as another promising effort since joining Richard Fahey in May.
The Giant's Causeway gelding looks to have Richard Fahey's Flyboy to beat.
Alfredo Vea's The Mexican Flyboy is one of the most notable novels of the recent era, a book with the combined appeal of Roberto Bolano, Rudolfo Anaya, and Thomas Pynchon.
For this leg of his Connected Album Tour he is bringing along one of his collaborators Bodhi plus local support from Makaze and FlyBoy.
Greg Tate; FLYBOY 2; Duke University Press (Nonfiction: Essays) 25.
The ban has been completely violated by two aerial adventure sports companies -- Flyboy and Fly India.
Jimmy locks her scandal-filled diary in his desk; she persuades a dashing flyboy named Peter Thurston to help her retrieve it.