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A blank or specially printed leaf at the beginning or end of a book.
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n, pl -leaves
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the inner leaf of the endpaper of a book, pasted to the first leaf
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n., pl. -leaves.
a blank leaf in the front or the back of a book.
[1825–35; fly1]
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Noun1.flyleaf - a blank leaf in the front or back of a book
folio, leaf - a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)
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وَرَقَه بَيْضاء في أوَّل الكِتاب
prázdný krycí list
blankt blad
boş sayfa/yaprak


[ˈflaɪliːf] N (flyleaves (pl)) → guarda f
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[ˈflaɪliːf] npage f de gardefly-on-the-wall documentary ndocumentaire m pris sur le vif
see also fly
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[ˈflaɪˌliːf] n (-leaves (pl)) → risguardo
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(flai) past tense flew (fluː) : past participle flown (floun) verb
1. to (make something) go through the air on wings etc or in an aeroplane. The pilot flew (the plane) across the sea.
2. to run away (from). He flew (the country).
3. (of time) to pass quickly. The days flew past.
ˈflyer, ˈflier noun
1. a person who flies an aeroplane etc or is in one.
2. a sheet of paper advertising a product, event etc. handing out flyers to passers-by.
flying saucer
a strange flying object thought possibly to come from another planet.
flying visit
a very short, often unexpected, visit. She paid her mother a flying visit.
frequent flyer/flier noun
a passenger who flies frequently in the same airline and receives bonuses accordingly.
ˈflyleaf noun
a blank page at the beginning or end of a book.
ˈflyover noun
a road etc which is built up so as to cross above another. a flyover across the motorway.
fly in the face of
to oppose or defy; to treat with contempt. He flew in the face of danger.
fly into
suddenly to get into (a rage, a temper etc).
fly off the handle
to lose one's temper.
get off to a flying start
to have a very successful beginning. Our new shop has got off to a flying start.
let fly (often with at)
to throw, shoot or send out violently. He let fly (an arrow) at the target.
send (someone/something) flying
to hit or knock someone or something so that he or it falls down or falls backwards. She hit him and sent him flying.
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References in classic literature ?
Still the answer was "No." Here my eye, resting on the flyleaf of the book, saw written, "Frances Evan Henri."
Scribbled in sore haste, by a very tremulous little hand, with a pencil, on the flyleaf of some book, my darling's message is still difficult to read; it was doubly so in the moonlight, five-and-forty autumns ago.
With a silver pencil she wrote her name and address on the flyleaf of Persuasion , and gave the book to Rachel.
Good condition with some signs of the effects of humidity; 680 mm x 500 mm with five-line staves in red ink alternating music and text; 115 folios with one flyleaf; with index; incomplete Arabic foliation in red ink; later incomplete Arabic pagination in pencil; ff.
It presents itself, on the flyleaf, somewhat confusingly, as 'a history', and 'a novel' and also subsequently as 'a love story'.
Flyleaf's former frontwoman Lacey Mosley delivers the perfect push-and-pull track with top-notch vocals and ghostly desperation.
Some of the artists I listen to are Flyleaf, Tonight Alive, Paramore, Blink 182, Sum41, Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Dream Theater, Birdy, and Christina Perri.
I only realised how long I'd had the book when I saw William Caxton's name on the flyleaf
Hair flowing yellow and still to her shoulders, I saw my sister once stand before a new flower and in a hushed voice give it a name On the flyleaf of this book, in 1971, Milton Acorn sent Errol Sharpe his love.
(As to that title, that is explained in the last words on the flyleaf: "As always, Reacher's rule is: If you want me to stop, you're going to have to make me.")
A hand that Sullivan dates to the fifteenth century inscribed "John Dent" on a flyleaf (1v).
To confirm its authenticity, eleven US servicemen put their signatures on its flyleaf and since then the book has been kept by the daughter of one of the soldiers.