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1. A flight over a specific location, usually at low altitude, as by a formation of military aircraft.
2. Chiefly British An overpass, as on a highway.
Informal Of or relating to the interior region of the United States and Canada, ostensibly regarded as provincial or dull by residents of urban areas along the coasts. Used attributively: a flyover state; flyover cities.


1. (Civil Engineering)
a. an intersection of two roads at which one is carried over the other by a bridge
b. such a bridge
2. (Aeronautics) the US name for fly-past


(ˈflaɪˌoʊ vər)

1. a formation of aircraft flight for observation from the ground.
2. a flight over a specified area.
3. Brit. overpass.
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Noun1.flyover - bridge formed by the upper level of a crossing of two highways at different levels
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
2.flyover - a flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the groundflyover - a flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground
flying, flight - an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
شارِع عُلوي فوق شارع آخَر


[ˈflaɪˌəʊvəʳ] N (Brit) (Aut) → paso m elevado, paso m a desnivel (LAm) (US) (= flypast) → desfile m aéreo


[ˈflaɪəʊvər] n (British) (= overpass) → pont m autoroutierfly paper npapier m tue-mouches


[ˈflaɪˌəʊvəʳ] n (Brit) (bridge) → cavalcavia m inv


(flai) past tense flew (fluː) : past participle flown (floun) verb
1. to (make something) go through the air on wings etc or in an aeroplane. The pilot flew (the plane) across the sea.
2. to run away (from). He flew (the country).
3. (of time) to pass quickly. The days flew past.
ˈflyer, ˈflier noun
1. a person who flies an aeroplane etc or is in one.
2. a sheet of paper advertising a product, event etc. handing out flyers to passers-by.
flying saucer
a strange flying object thought possibly to come from another planet.
flying visit
a very short, often unexpected, visit. She paid her mother a flying visit.
frequent flyer/flier noun
a passenger who flies frequently in the same airline and receives bonuses accordingly.
ˈflyleaf noun
a blank page at the beginning or end of a book.
ˈflyover noun
a road etc which is built up so as to cross above another. a flyover across the motorway.
fly in the face of
to oppose or defy; to treat with contempt. He flew in the face of danger.
fly into
suddenly to get into (a rage, a temper etc).
fly off the handle
to lose one's temper.
get off to a flying start
to have a very successful beginning. Our new shop has got off to a flying start.
let fly (often with at)
to throw, shoot or send out violently. He let fly (an arrow) at the target.
send (someone/something) flying
to hit or knock someone or something so that he or it falls down or falls backwards. She hit him and sent him flying.
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According to Provincial Minister for Local Bodies Manshaullah Butt, the flyover would be constructed between China Chowk to Doburji Chowk.
5km flyover on Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) in Mumbai, Maharashtra
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases NICVD introduced a new era of heart healthcare with the inauguration of its first CPU under Gulshan-e-Iqbal Chowrangi Flyover, Second under Gulbai Flyover, third under Malir Halt Flyover, fourth under Qayyumabad Chowrangi, 5th under Nagan Chowrangi flyover have been serving people successfully and treating thousands of patients monthly.
Prof Nadeem Qamar said after units at Gulshan Chowrangi Flyover, Gulbai Flyover, Malir Halt Flyover, Qayyumabad Chowrangi Flyover, Nagan Chowrangi Flyover, NICVD has proudly started its one more chest pain unit at Railway Road to provide state-of-the-art cardiac treatment to citizens.
Whereas other units were functional at various key points of the city including Gulshan Chowrangi Flyover, Gulbai Flyover, Malir Halt Flyover, Qayyumabad Chowrangi Flyover and Nagan Chowrangi Flyover.
The country's first ever six-lane flyover at Mohipal in Feni district will be inaugurated today (Thursday), reports BSS.
Farrukh Naveed on Tuesday said the work on Shehbaz Sharif Flyover at Kashmir Road was in progress which would be completed within 90 days.
Some repair works include strengthening the flyover joints and side barriers.
A new flyover expected to decongest traffic along Araneta Avenue and Magsaysay Avenue in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, will be opened to public Tuesday, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) said.
THEATRE replaced traffic on Liverpool's Churchill Way flyover, right, as the concrete landmark hosted the summer's final Flyover Takeover.
The speed limit has been reduced from 80kmph to 60kmph and preformed yellow stripes have been laid on the entire curve of the flyover to compel motorists to adhere to it.
The Department of Public Works and Highways in Central Visayas (DPWH-7) has announced the closure of the flyover in Barangay Tabunok, Talisay City from June 9 to 22 for retrofitting and warned residents of traffic congestion in the area.