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A seasonal route followed by birds migrating to and from their breeding areas.


(Zoology) the usual route used by birds when migrating



a route between breeding and wintering areas taken by concentrations of migrating birds.
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Noun1.flyway - the geographic route along which birds customarily migrateflyway - the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate
itinerary, route, path - an established line of travel or access
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DUBAI: For millennia, birds have made their journeys through global flyways, and the Middle East is a significant stopover on their flight path.
The information on will now be found on the USFWS migratory bird program website.
Muhammad Rafique said there were seven identified flyways in the world which include passages from Northern Europe to Scandinavian countries, Central Europe to Mediterranean Sea, Western Siberia to Red Sea, Green Route from Siberia to Pakistan, Ganga Flyway from Eastern Siberia to India, Manchuria to Korea and Chakotaka to California.
In December 2014, interagency wild bird surveillance started including testing for the HPAIV Gs/GD lineage in wild birds in the Pacific flyway, and by summer 2015, surveillance was further expanded to include testing for this virus in all flyways (19).
The UAE last month hosted a unique conservation Summit for the Flyways, bringing together experts, civil society, governments and international organisations to consider the way forward of developing renewable energies in ways that are not detrimental to the environment.
Three flyways have been initially recognised in the Western Palearctic (Scott and Rose 1996) based on ring recoveries, species' distribution and expert opinion (Isakov 1967, des Clers 1976, Atkinson-Willes et al.
The use of North American wetlands by wintering EUWI has been well documented (Hasbrouck 1944; Bellrose 1980), with most winter records coming from the Pacific and Atlantic Flyways; however, EUWI are more common throughout the Pacific Flyway (Dunn and Alderfer 2011).
'This outbreak began in Canada, and water fowl spread it south along the migratory bird flyways. It was brought into the Midwest by birds using the Mississippi flyway.
A new study combines GPS tracking data of four species of wildfowl with genetic analysis of the virus and finds that H5N1 spreads along migratory flyways. Human outbreaks of the disease also coincide with migration time of the birds, Huaiyu Tian of Beijing Normal University and colleagues report December 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The study uses GPS tracking data of four species of Asian wild fowl and genetic analysis of the virus to suggest that the strain H5N1 travels along migratory flyways.
Based on web research, the East Asian-Australasian Flyway is one of the world's great flyways.