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adj. foam·i·er, foam·i·est
1. Of, consisting of, or resembling foam.
2. Covered with foam.

foam′i·ly adv.
foam′i·ness n.
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Noun1.foaminess - the property of being foamy
gaseousness - having the consistency of a gas
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"I went through a lot of samples to get the perfect foaminess and creaminess, and the scent is amazing and refreshing, this almost brings your face back to life, it's a very unique face wash.
The use of chewing stick is still being practised in some part of the world such as Africa, South Asia, an isolated area in America and Southern United State, owing to some unique characteristics such as foaminess, hardness and bitterness.
Additionally, it retains its foaminess for up to 6 months inside the suppressor.
To the degree that there is a greater level of foaminess in the urine, there is more inflammation.
"If foaminess exists at all, we think it must be at a scale far smaller than the Planck length, indicating that other physics might be involved," he said.