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tr. & intr.v. fo·cal·ized, fo·cal·iz·ing, fo·cal·iz·es
1. To adjust or come to a focus.
2. To bring or be brought to a focus; sharpen.
3. To concentrate or be concentrated; localize.

fo′cal·i·za′tion (-kə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.focalization - the confinement of an infection to a limited area
pathogenesis - the origination and development of a disease
2.focalization - the act of bringing into focus
intensification - action that makes something stronger or more extreme
refocusing - focusing again
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More specifically, while in the plot development the event structure is merely "revelatory" and things "stay pretty much the same" (Chatman 48), in the covert progression the event structure displays a progress towards a resolution; while in the plot the focalization keeps shifting, in the covert progression the focalization is quite fixed.
At regional, sub-regional and national level, workshops could be organized to share early experiences on project prioritization and formulation with the GCF and on innovative financial instruments, policy and scheme (such as risk transfer mechanisms, public private partnerships, focalization of subsidies, results-based payments, etc.
Brimming with information, chapter 2, "The Conceptual Toolkit: Music and Levels of Narration" accounts for nearly 50 percent of the book's length and tackles everything from extrafictional music in the title sequence to metadiegetic narration and focalization.
the isoeletric focalization was run on 7cm strips on pH 3-10, and the 2-DE was run on sDs-pAGE 10%.
Such instances of direct focalization in which the reader sees through Lou's eyes stand out as important moments because they contrast the dominant point of view in the narrative.
The text we have been reading is the result of this overflowing: Nathan reports what he has been told referring to his brother in the third person giving his narrative the force of his brother's restricted focalization while maintaining his audible authorial presence.
They go over unnatural stories and sequences, poetry of unnatural temporality, unnatural spaces narrative worlds, focalization on naturalizing and unnaturalizing reading, unnatural minds on the page, unnatural metalepsis, realism and the unnatural mimetic character narration, hypertext fiction, and the unnatural elements of narrative poetry.
The novel's focalization centers specifically on a couple of former members of a leftist organization who live clandestinely and who barely eke out an existence.
Austen creates the illusion of a near miss as the focalization moves swiftly from Darcy to Elizabeth, who "happen[s] to see the countenance[s]" of Darcy and Wickham.
However, rather than a case of structural lapses, blind spots, inconsistencies and missed opportunities, the text not only orchestrates a functional variable internal focalization but turns out to be a remarkable tour de force of transvocalization.
While the focalization by the male character makes it possible for the reader to grasp the way male desire justifies itself, the plot (especially the way rape as a theme is explored in many different variations and narrative situations) makes it possible to read the novel as a feminist critique of male desire, power and wilful self-ignorance.
I agree to the point of view according to which the strategy options for banks are to make the difference by a cost strategy, a differentiating strategy or a focalization strategy.