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n.1.See Fogy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Drive back six years," I said to the cabby, "and stop at the Junior Old Fogies' Club."
I'd no idea you'd joined this august company of old fogies."
There is nothing like the medical profession for that: one can have the exclusive scientific life that touches the distance and befriend the old fogies in the parish too.
The England team, largely made up of Cardinal Heenan players, and managed by the school's highly-regarded young coach Ian Fogie, finished in ninth spot.
George Fogie, Mason, Mich., has another theory on item B from the November 2011 issue of Farm Collector.
London, Mar 13 ( ANI ): Raquel Welch, the screen siren of 1960s, has blamed the modern culture for being totally obsessed with sex and said that she is happy to be an "old fogie".
Now I am well aware I may appear to be a curmudgeonly old fogie writing this, someone well older than his 32 years of age.
Olde Fogie Farm Bed & Breakfast Inn, roughly 45 minutes from the tourist hubs of Bird in Hand and Intercourse, is located between sleepy Maytown and Marietta in Central Pennsylvania.
A family operation, Olde Fogie is small enough to fed intimate, yet offers privacy and amenities comparable to any commercial establishment.
"When you picture a dean of a college, you see an old fogie and she wasn't."
"It's not just a bunch of old fogies," says an old fogie, Bob Mayes, 65, and the cafe's unofficial Sudoku champ.
GLENN WHELAN has been hailed as a 'remarkable' old fogie.