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1. folio.
2. followed.
3. following.
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'Tol de rol lol lol, right fol lairy, Work'us,' said Noah, as a tear rolled down Oliver's cheek.
That illustrious man had been separated from his friends and fol lowers for two whole days; and it was with a degree of pleasure and delight, which no common imagination can adequately conceive, that he stepped forward to greet Mr.
The first nota in the margin occurs on folio 8v; it is larger than all others in D and has been written in the same ink as the trefoils (see below), next to "[??]at [??]ou be ri[??]t dispoused bobe for [??]i saule and for [??]i bodi, [??]ou schalt vnderstande foure thynges" (fol. 8v, 11.
In DU's case, however, we would expect MSCI inclusion to come no sooner than a year after the FOL change due to its relatively lower liquidity as we estimate its annualized Traded Value Ratio (ATVR) in 2015 to have been only c.9 per cent, below the required 15 per cent.
His jester, Tom Le Fol, was present when the Welsh besieged him at Conwy Castle and would have been as much a bodyguard as a source of entertainment.
The cataloguer's titular information derives from fol. la, which is a title page that reads 'Arf al-zaharat fi tafsir al-kalimat al-tayyibat, ta'lif al-hafiz al-hujja al-thiqa Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Tulun al-Salihi al-Dimashqi al-Hanafi, rahimahu llah.
The new FOL for the bank stands at 25 per cent and will significantly enhance the liquidity available to foreign investors.
lycopersici (Fol) is responsible for important crop losses in the tomato fields (Benhamou et al., 1998).
One main topic Wolenski addresses is the question of whether FOL is the logic, i.e., whether it is universal.
According to Godden (1979: xliii), the copy is a work of a single scribe, though, there are also occasional alterations, glosses, and additions in another hand (especially on fols. 196r-204r), which Ker (1957:13 no.