fold back

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w>fold back

vt sep shutters, doorzurückfalten; sheet, bedclothesauf- or zurückschlagen
vi (shutters, door)zurückfalten, sich zurückfalten lassen
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The eating utensils are attached to the handle by a swivel screw that allows the utensil to fold back on the handle when not in use.
1 Fold in half to make a crease down the middle and then fold back.
Designed in response to customer's requests, the company says these robust, yet mobile cages feature double-hinged, lockable doors which fold back fully 270[degrees] to provide easy access.
Unlike French windows and sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors consist of three or more doors that fold back on themselves and sit flat against one or both walls, depending if they open in the middle or at the side.
Current fold back in overload conditions and thermal shutdown.
If you fold back the leaf flaps, you will find he is completely.
Patented is a method for folding disposable pants, the disposable pants comprising an outer wear sheet of pants shape, and an absorbent main body adhered to a skin-contactable surface side of the outer wear sheet and having a substantially rectangular shape at least both ends in a longitudinal direction of the absorbent main body, comprising: conveying the disposable pants with a crotch part in the lead; pushing the crotch part by a rod to fold back the crotch part toward a center part of the disposable pants: folding back right and left lateral parts of the disposable pants toward the center part by right and left fold-back guiding members; and pushing a part along an end edge of the absorbent main body by a rod to fold back an upper part over the crotch part.
Textron System officials described the 'Air Hummer' as a slowed-rotor compound system, where the blades are heavily weighted at the lips and, after vertical take-off and transition to forward flight at around 150 ft when lift is generated by the wings, the rotor mast tilts forward to allow the rotor to fold back to reduce drag.
A spokeswoman for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "Fire Service personnel used cutting equipment to fold back the roof of the Mazda prior to putting the driver on a spinal board and transferring her to a waiting ambulance.
Potter said he knows from personal experience how easy it can be to fold back an electric blanket in the morning when getting out of bed, and then forget to turn off the blanket, leaving it folded and turned on.
It used to be possible to simply open out the paper and fold back the pages, or detach and fold them away to enjoy while travelling or hanging around in waiting rooms.
Cover the shredded paper with a towel that's large enough to fold back over the casserole dish.