fold down

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w>fold down

vt sep chairzusammenklappen; cornerkniffen
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In a glossy new hat and a pair of trousers with a fold down the front (carefully preserved by keeping them under the bed--I don't mean on the floor, you know, but between the bed and the mattress), I felt I was somebody and that there were other washerwomen: ay, and even other girls to love, and who would perhaps appreciate a clever, good-looking young fellow.
11 oz., and both decoys fold down to an extremely packable size.
Engineered to be as light as possible, the unit incorporates adjustable fold down upper shelves, a spring-loaded tow bar and foot holding brake keep employees safe and keep the picker unit in place.
You can fold one side down for easy access to a heavy bag of fertilizer or fold down all the sides and use it as a flat bed to haul logs, fence posts or lumber.
However, the main stumbling block I kept coming up against was how to make the solid walls and floor of a trailer enclosure fold down easily.
There's a partition between the passenger compartment and the driver and a pair of seats that fold down.
It also stocks beds that simply fold down (without the cupboard) from pounds 1,104.
But open the hatch, fold down the rear seat backs and you have a cavernous space that would not be out of place in a small van.
I decided to fold down the rear seat backs in the Civic to see if we could get a few small items in - and then discovered the car's spacious secret.
Place one half of the paper on a table with the fold down. On the left edge of the paper make a mark one inch up from the fold.
Ultra-slim earcups on the L0F Folding model fold down to less than four inches wide, allowing them to be carried conveniently in a belt pouch while the L0N Neckband model fits around the neck and under welding helmets.
Theirs was created by making a central fold down the length of an A4 sheet of paper, with two more inward folds creating a delta-wing shape.