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Noun1.folding saw - a saw with a toothed blade that folds into a handle (the way a pocketknife folds)
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
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I also use the Okatsune secateurs, which are sharp and really comfy to use all day, and I have a folding saw too.
For large cuts, use a pruning saw; we like Corona's RazorTOOTH 10-inch folding saw ($30; shop.corona
* Replaceable-blade knife, with extra blades, and a folding saw or pruning shears for trimming branches.
Climbing down with folding saw in hand, I cut down two, three-inch saplings before hustling back up the tree.
While exploring, I don a backpack holding a folding saw and compact Swedish ax, a couple dozen screw-in tree-steps, five or six compact trail cameras, my GPS unit, lunch and plenty of fluids.
I have since searched for information on the folding saw. The device is really a "one-man, two-man saw," meaning one man operates it, but it saws and cuts like a two-man saw.
The next sequence shows a small bottle of mace-like self-defence spray, and then a small folding saw with a single 5cm long blade.
Garden shears, hand pruners, a small folding saw, a work belt and holster to hold tools, and a sturdy container for trash are all helpful.
Upon further inspection Frank noted it was actually a folding saw the kind hunters use to cut small limbs that obscure their shooting lanes.
In addition, there is a folding saw with a full-length serrated blade for cutting wood and metal and a pencil-style knife sharpener.
Useful extras: Hand warmers, snow shovel, folding saw, solid fuel stove, metal drinking cup, space blanket, sleeping pad.
Bring a small pruning shear, and a small folding saw along in your backpack.