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 (fō′lē-ĭt, -āt′)
1. Of or relating to leaves.
2. Shaped like a leaf.
3. also fo·li·at·ed (-ā′tĭd) Geology Exhibiting foliation.
v. (-āt′) fo·li·at·ed, fo·li·at·ing, fo·li·ates
1. To hammer or cut (metal) into thin leaf or foil.
a. To coat (glass, for example) with metal foil.
b. To furnish or adorn with metal foil.
3. To separate into thin layers or laminae.
4. To decorate with foliage or foils: an arch that is foliated in the Gothic style.
5. To number the leaves of (a manuscript, for example).
1. To produce foliage.
2. To split into thin leaflike layers or folia.

[Latin foliātus, bearing foliage, from folium, leaf; see folium.]


1. (Architecture) architect ornamented with or made up of foliage or foils
2. (Geological Science) (of rocks and minerals, esp schists) composed of thin easily separable layers
3. (Botany) (esp of parts of animals or plants) resembling a leaf


(ˈfoʊ liˌeɪ tɪd)

1. shaped like a leaf or leaves.
2. consisting of thin and separable laminae.
a. ornamented with or composed of foils: foliated tracery.
b. ornamented with representations of foliage: a foliated capital.


Formed of leaves of flaky, layered minerals aligned during metamorphism.
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Adj.1.foliated - ornamented with foliage or foils; "foliate tracery"; "a foliated capital"
architecture - the discipline dealing with the principles of design and construction and ornamentation of fine buildings; "architecture and eloquence are mixed arts whose end is sometimes beauty and sometimes use"
2.foliated - (especially of metamorphic rock) having thin leaflike layers or strata
bedded, stratified - deposited or arranged in horizontal layers; "stratified rock"
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However, in the upper part of these sandstones in the Orlice-Zd'ar region over the wellknown "glauconitic contact stratum" (Soukup's zone Xa), created by differently thick set of dark easily crumbling and light gray solid (calcificated) marlites, there is a set of foliatedly crumbling, grey-black marlites belonging again to the Teplice formation (zones Xbc) in the East Bohemian stratigraphy.