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1. Bearing numerous leaves; leafy.
2. Of, relating to, or resembling a leaf.
3. Of or relating to a lichen whose thallus is flat and leafy.

[Latin foliōsus, from folium, leaf; see folium.]


(ˈfəʊlɪˌəʊs; -ˌəʊz)
(Botany) another word for foliaceous1, foliaceous2
[C18: from Latin foliōsus full of leaves]


(ˈfoʊ liˌoʊs)

also fo•li•ous


1. leafy.
2. having a leaflike thallus loosely attached to a surface, as certain lichens. Compare crustose, fruticose.
[1720–30; < Latin foliōsus. See folium, -ose1]
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Adj.1.foliose - bearing numerous leaves
leafy - having or covered with leaves; "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"
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We have recently reported the inhibition of reduction of nitro-blue tetrazolium and xanthine oxidase by the extract of natural thallus of a foliose lichen species Bulbothrix setschwanensis and of its cultures obtained in the laboratory (Behera and Makhija, 2002).
The rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield are one of the distinctive characteristics of the taiga, a landscape feature distinguished by its abundant crustose (forming a thin, flat crust strongly attached to the surface on which it is growing), foliose (leafy), and fruticose lichens and mosses.
parmerong inhabited only brown algae, eight species of foliose brown macroalgae, all abundant in the Sydney region and at Shark Bay, were investigated as potential hosts for P.
They, in turn, exert powerful topdown effects on in situ algal growth, totally preventing the development of foliose macroalgae by continuously grazing on propagules.
Algal functional groups were categorized as macroalgae (fleshy, foliose and filamentous algae with frond >1cm tall plus Halimeda spp.
At this site individuals of Holopneustes purpurascens are primarily found wrapped in the laminae of the brown kelp Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales: Phaeophyta) or in the fronds of the red foliose alga Delisea pulchra (Bonnemaisonales: Rhodophyta).
Foliose lichens form laminar leaflike structures joined to the substrate at just a few points or by some kind of small attachments.
On the west coast, mussels were scarce in the low zone, and primary space was dominated by bare rock/crustose algae (upper low zone) and foliose red algae (lower low zone; mostly Gigartina decipiens and G.
Another notable aspect of the vegetation of these stands was the foliose lichen Peltigera aphthosa.