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or folk sing·er  (fōk′sĭng′ər)
A singer of folk songs.

folk singing n.


(Music, other) a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom
ˈfolkˌsinging n
References in classic literature ?
They grow very fast, you see, and the Awkward Man says on a spring evening, when the tulips are out, you can hear the sweetest, softest, clearest, fairy music in his garden, and it is the pixy folk singing as they rock the pixy babies to sleep.
The opening of the 39th edition of the festival will be marked by a carnival attended by several national and foreign folk singing troupes, and by an artistic show animated by Libyan singer Issam Tawil.
The last part of the festival, Sahiwal Lok Mela, would be organised at the Jinnah Hall and it would include folk dances, Sufi music, folk singing contests.
Cultural and Painting exhibition, poetry competition, poster presentation and folk singing will also be part of the conference.
I had family living there and that's where our band won a folk singing competition nearly 50 years ago in 1968.
A farmer by trade, Dan Puw is well known to generations of people as an adjudicator and cerdd dant and folk singing coach.
Residents will have the opportunity to watch and enjoy authentic Qatari musical arts and folk singing every weekend until April 28, 2017 at the Katara - the Cultural Village esplanade.
KUWAIT, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- Ouda Al-Muhanna was one of the top icons of folk singing in Kuwait and the Gulf region.
Things will really come into swing on Monday when -- after the Cypriot folk singing, dancing and fireworks -- popular Greek singer Vasilis Karras will take to the stage.
His passion for folk singing began after he sang in school choirs and performed Al Jolson and Nat King Cole songs in teenage talent shows.
Students of various schools in traditional costumes presented a number of cultural activities such as folk singing, cultural diversity show, multi-media presentation, etc.
Pete Inglis said: "I think it's time The X Factor was replaced by a programme for real musicians instead of folk singing along to a backing track.