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Noun1.folk writer - a writer of folktales
folk poet - a folk writer who composes in verse
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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The nautical landmark is also mentioned in folk writer Pete McGovern's Liverpool anthem In My Liverpool Home.
Performers like Charlotte Church and Noel Sullivan took part, along with Doctor Who and Queer as Folk writer Russell T Davies.
The new series is written by Queer as Folk writer Russell T Davies who promised some surprises.
I'm sure most people will be excited that the new Dr Who boasts Queer As Folk writer Russell T Davies as the scriptwriter and the charismatic Eccleston as the timelord.
QUEER as Folk writer Russell T Davies says Basil Brush is homophobic - for laughing at a "gay-bashing" scene on the children's show.
He takes his most ambitious role yet in the new series, penned by Queer As Folk writer Russell T.
Byline: Pete Willow Folk writer