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also folk·y  (fō′kē)
n. pl. folk·ies
1. A folk singer or musician.
2. An enthusiast of folk music.
adj. folk·i·er, folk·i·est
Of, relating to, or in the style of folk music.
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(ˈfəʊkɪ) or


n, pl -ies
a devotee of folk music
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folk′ sing`er

a singer of folk music.
folk′ sing`ing, n.
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Three titans of the '60s counterculture died within two weeks this past January: Jonas Mekas, the main force behind the New American Cinema, aka underground movies; Izzy Young, the original folkie and prime organizer of the Greenwich Village folk revival; and DuA!an Makavejev, the taboo-busting Yugoslav filmmaker who made the quintessential counterculture film WR: Mysteries of the Organism.
Album Short Movie inSPireD by a folkie singer-album - and it's comfortable Short Movie songs full of epic in scope and wildly ambitious, Interstellar aims a bit too high but avoids crashing and burning.
In recent years it has settled in a park jutting into the river in this community 35 miles north of New York City and has modernized beyond its folkie roots.
Electrofolkmageddon at Gateshead Old Town Hall BILLED as a night of experimental electrofolk dance and beautiful folkie mayhem, this was a crammed schedule with four acts lined up to play.
Behind the music: Starting small, the Portland, Oregon-based folkie self-released her 2004 debut and played gigs at kinder-gartens, AIDS hospices, and prisons.
Lock up your daughters--lesbian folkie Kate Reid is back with her third release, Doing It For the Chicks.
If you write in an idiom, about current events, you're a 'folkie'...
TREAD carefully all ye who enter the realm of the folkie. There are things you cannot touch, some things you cannot mess with.
Photo editor Nicole Teichman discovered her new fave folkie (Philly's Nicole Reynolds) and the rest of our staff just discovered that art director Stefanie Liang has been moonlighting with one of the bands!
Basement Jaxx, Crazy Itch Radio (XL Recordings) The latest outburst of crazyass dance madness from this Brit duo includes the pairing of Swedish pop sensation Robyn with a Balkan chorus, an orchestral interlude sung by oddball folkie Linda Lewis, and a club barnstormer built on banjo licks.
FIFE folkie star King Creosote has revealed plans to follow his massively successful summer gigs with a tour.
They chose their name to reflect their sound: "powerful, blinding illumination." The rest of the band was brought together by their drinking buddies and a common love of Kris Kristofferson records, and finally solidified with the addition of good friend and drummer Utrillo Kushner, Six Organs of Admittance folkie Ben Chasney, and Echoplex maestro Noel Harmonson.