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1. The traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of a people, transmitted orally.
2. The comparative study of folk knowledge and culture. Also called folkloristics.
a. A body of widely accepted but usually spurious notions about a place, group, or institution: Rumors of their antics became part of the folklore of Hollywood.
b. A popular but unfounded belief.

folk′lor′ic adj.
folk′lor′ish adj.
folk′lor′ist n.
folk′lor·is′tic adj.


[ˈfəʊkˌlɔːrɪk] ADJfolklórico, folclórico
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RIYADH, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz inaugurated on Wednesday the 32nd session of Al-Janadriyah cultural and folkloric festival -- with attendance of GCC states' leaders.
Hisham Aljundi Doha A PALESTINIAN folkloric performance themed 'Old is gold' regaled audience at Katara Theatre in Doha on Friday evening.
While the wave of modern music takes over the world, nostalgia to heritage remains the main magnet pulling loyal fans to their roots, leading them to establish annual folkloric festivals, where one platform combines the legacy of the east and the west.
The band's folkloric music is inspired from that of Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria.
Two charming performances by Qatar's Al Maha folkloric group and the Palestinian Ambassadors for folklore group enthralled a large number of spectators at the festival's opening.
Arab News The event included a folkloric dance show by "Hasan Tan Ilkokulu," a primary school in Istanbul.
The event, which is organised by Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) till April 15, will explore Bahrain's folkloric heritage that is related to natural springs.
You and the kids can soak up the festival atmosphere and enjoy music, contemporary and folkloric dance, children's cultural crafts, visual art, literature and debate.
Four specialised bands entertained the public with folkloric and traditional dances and songs.
Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his appreciation to this honor and stressed on his keenness to support all kinds of art including classic and folkloric musical arts.
Ajyal (Generations) band performed dances and Oriental music (Takht) ensemble, led by Maestro Nazih As'aad, chanted folkloric songs during the first day.
Hernandez has taught Afro-Cuban folkloric dance worldwide, and Bernal is a master percussionist, songwriter and dancer.