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1. The traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of a people, transmitted orally.
2. The comparative study of folk knowledge and culture. Also called folkloristics.
a. A body of widely accepted but usually spurious notions about a place, group, or institution: Rumors of their antics became part of the folklore of Hollywood.
b. A popular but unfounded belief.

folk′lor′ic adj.
folk′lor′ish adj.
folk′lor′ist n.
folk′lor·is′tic adj.
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[ˈfəʊkˌlɔːrɪk] ADJfolklórico, folclórico
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The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG) left foreign and local audience mesmerized during its 'Indayog ng Pilipinas: A showcase of Philippine Folkloric Dances' performance held in April at the Drama Theatre of the Katara Cultural Village Foundation in Qatar's capital city.
Known as the 'Mother of Philippine Theater Dance' and 'Dean of Filipino Performing Arts Critics,' she is a pioneer Filipino choreographer in balletic, folkloric and Asian styles.
This presented a nice opportunity for them to consider (and explain to me) how the Bible can communicate truth by using a medium that borrows common motifs and/or folkloric elements.
Starting at P5,000 and up, you can treat your mom to AG's signature folkloric floral arrangements plus an assortment of small home goods and tchotchkes to go with it.
Later, a plastic art exhibition was held with participation of many elite artists and it showcased 24 artistic pieces that embody the glories of the Great Syrian Revolution against the French mandate along with some paintings which represent the heritage, the folkloric costumes and the nature in a realistic expressionist style.
FILE - Folkloric Tanoura Dance CAIRO -- 12 February 2019: A total of 30 artistic works ranging from photography to sculpture are currently hosted by the Cordoba Art Gallery in Mohandesin to document the art of the Tanoura dance, emphasizing it's pure folkloric Egyptian identity.
Tribune News Network Doha VISITORS to the Cultural Village Foundation -- Katara were treated to a marvellous folkloric show from the Czech Republic on Friday and Saturday as part of the ongoing Cultural Diversity Festival being held at Katara Amphitheatre.
Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti speaks to Moroccan ambassador Nabil Zneiber Katara -- the Cultural Village will launch the African Festival in early 2019, featuring an array of cultural activities and folkloric shows, it was announced.
People in Cairo only know about "zar" as a folkloric musical ritual that used to be held in Egypt years ago, the only remaining part of which is through the band Mazaher.
Sweets and gifts will be distributed to children, during the event which will folkloric dances.
The cultural festival includes a series of religious and folkloric cultural activities and events, including festive procession, birthday celebration, and setting off of Fire Lion firecrackers, the fire walking ritual and Surname Folk Opera Series of the Folk Theater, according to Taipei's Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT).