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 (fōk′mo͞ot′) or folk·mote (-mōt′)
A general assembly of the people of a town, district, or shire in medieval England.

[Middle English, from Old English folcmōt : folc, folk; see folk + mōt, meeting.]
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(ˈfəʊkˌmuːt) ,




(Historical Terms) (in early medieval England) an assembly of the people of a district, town, or shire
[Old English folcmōt, from folc folk + mōt from mǣtan to meet1]
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also folk•mote, folk•mot


(formerly, in England) a general assembly of the people of a shire, town, etc.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English folcmōt folk meeting. See folk, moot]
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Folkmoot, Folkmote

 a general meeting of people belonging to a town or city, 1000.
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Music fans were urged to support the Tyne and Wear Folkmoot. The festival will cost PS25,000 this year and Coun Stan Heatlie has warned this could be the last, if visitor numbers don''t improve.
On a local or regional level, however, it would be possible to form a legislative council by drawing the name of, say, one out of every hundred eligible citizens, thereby creating not an elected assembly but a "stand-in folkmoot"--a diminished version of the real thing.(1) As a universal system, sortition belongs to the small-scale participatory democracy of the parish, the municipality, and the historic city-state, not to the large republic.
Over the mountain in nearby Waynesville, the annual Folkmoot USA International Festival in late July draws tourists from all over western North Carolina for 10 days of international folk music and dance.