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or folk sing·er  (fōk′sĭng′ər)
A singer of folk songs.

folk singing n.
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(Music, other) a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom
ˈfolkˌsinging n
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SHIKARPUR -- Sindhi folksinger and musician Jigar Jalal, who was kidnapped on August 18, has been recovered by the Sindh police in Garhi Taigo, Shikarpur.
This is exactly what police did before a gang of dacoits set a folksinger and his five-member band free in Shikarpur on Thursday.
LARKANA -- Folksinger Jigar Jalal Chandio, his brother, son and musicians have been kidnapped by Tegani community bandits.
JAMSHORO -- Renowned Sindhi folksinger Allan Faqeer was remembered on his 19th death anniversary at Jamshoro district on Thursday.
A patwari was booked for extorting bribe from renowned folksinger Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi for the mutation of land.
This UK tour is the first since the release of his second solo album, Folksinger Volume 2, in the autumn of 2017.
Commenting on his skills, renowned folksinger Babar Niazi said ,'His Qawalis were very meaningful which leads the listeners into depth of their hearts as he was king of his own field.
A "harana" honoring the royal court will be rendered by expat Baguio-Cordillera folksinger Conrad Marzan followed by another presentation by the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines.
Portland-based, family-friendly folksinger and puppeteer Andy Fugeson presents Red Yarn's Old Barn, a children's music album crafted around the theme of a grand barn dance where all sorts of creatures are welcome to participate - an upbeat metaphor for American diversity!
KARACHI -- To highlight the lack of clean water on World Water Day, folksinger Shazia Khushk performed in front of the Karachi Press Club on Thursday, demanding that a law be enacted to protect the Indus River from contamination.
That led to his first published book, co-authored with folksinger Pete Seeger in 1965: The Twelve-String Guitar as Played by Leadbelly.
The song "Pacifist's Lament" brings to mind two albums she produced with the late anarchist hobo folksinger Utah Phillips.