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or folk sing·er  (fōk′sĭng′ər)
A singer of folk songs.

folk singing n.


(Music, other) a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom
ˈfolkˌsinging n
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Swabi has a reputation for being a rich soil to have famed folksinger Kifayat Shah Bacha and many others.
That led to his first published book, co-authored with folksinger Pete Seeger in 1965: The Twelve-String Guitar as Played by Leadbelly.
The residents of village including folksinger Punhal Talani, Ghulam Qadir Solangi, Arz Mohammad Magsi and others staged a protest demonstration against the occupation on village Dinai on Saturday.
Pakistani pop, folksinger, Abrar-ul-Haq, performed live to entertain large audience with his hits songs.
The song "Pacifist's Lament" brings to mind two albums she produced with the late anarchist hobo folksinger Utah Phillips.
Nearly 43 years after the assassination of a famed Chilean folksinger, a Florida jury has found a former lieutenant liable for the singer's grisly murder in the days after a U.
Headliners include indie rock singer-songwriter Blue-Eyed Son (aka Andrew Heilprin) tonight; the high-energy "soul-empowering groove" of the Sugar Beets before the Saturday fireworks; and Seattle-based folksinger Ian McFeron on Sunday.
Music at Mendon Concert Folksinger, songwriter and guitarist Andrew McKnight, 7 p.
The version that is widely known today was adapted by Boston folksinger and teacher Tony Saletan, who taught it to Pete Seeger in 1954.
He initially filed charges of qualified seduction against Aguilar, claiming to have been outraged, offended and scandalized when the folksinger bragged publicly that he is in love with his then 16-year-old girlfriend.
Editor's note: Just a few weeks before Pete Seeger died, we received this email from folksinger and folklorist Joe Stead on January 10, 2014.
Llewyn Davis is a fictional character but the story is partly inspired by the autobiography of folksinger Dave Van Ronk.