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or folk sing·er  (fōk′sĭng′ər)
A singer of folk songs.

folk singing n.


(Music, other) a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom
ˈfolkˌsinging n
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Guthrie himself was spared a subpoena solely because of his illness; but he saw the entire folksinging community branded en masse as likely communist sympathizers (Cohen 2002).
Ferron, sometimes referred to as the "the Johnny Cash of lesbian folksinging," is well known for her guitar playing and songwriting, both of which are on full display in her latest outing.
The first thing that turned me on to folksinging was Odetta.
175; Folksongs of Britain and Ireland: A Guidebook to the Living Tradition of Folksinging in the British Isles and Ireland, ed.
The folksinging legend has rarely sounded better than on these ringingly clear discs, which astutely balance classics with rarer works and divides them into volumes of greatest hits, roots, political songs and collaborations with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry.
As the voice of the civil rights movement, Odetta has inspired generations of musicians with her folksinging, including Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, the latter of whom said: "Odetta was a goddess.
They sneaked out every evening during some inane activity like Hebrew folksinging or a lecture by the resident scholar on the Bible portion of the week to meet their paramours who were on guard duty in dark places, and Lily sat and sang and listened without singing and without listening.
IT'S not a well-documented fact but Beverley Martyn, the folksinging former wife of the legendary John Martyn, was actually from Coventry.
Brian, his two brothers and three mates formed a folksinging group called The Liverpool Fisherman.
IN 1966 JOAN DIDION wrote an essay for the New York Times Magazine profiling Joan Baez, who at twenty-five years old was nearly as famous for her activism as for her folksinging (which is to say very).
After more than 20 years on the concert circuit, the folksinging Mr Iwan has just released a personally chosen 'best of' (Goreuon, in Welsh) album on Sain, the Caernarfon-based record company he set up.
This is the story of American folksinging giant Woody Guthrie - and a tough tale it is too, dealing with the harsh realities of life in 1930s and 1940s USA, from dust bowl to depression and finally Woody's own battle with the Huntington's Chorea which killed his mother and would eventually kill him.