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n. pl. folk·son·o·mies
A collection of metatags generated by users of a particular website that together create a taxonomy that categorizes the content of that website.

[Coined in 2004 by Thomas Vander Wal, American information architect, as a blend of folk and taxonomy.]
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a system of classification that makes use of terms that occur naturally in the language of users of the system
[C21: from folk + taxonomy]
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First we convert the folksonomy hypergraph F: = (U, T, I, Y) into an undirected tri-partite graph [G.sub.F] = (V, E).
Collaborative tagging--also known as folksonomy, social classification, social indexing, or social tagging--allows blog authors and readers themselves to assign tags, or subject terms, to blogs [18, 19].
More emphasis is given to folksonomy than taxonomy.
An information folksonomy has emerged, a classification system not based on library or academic classification systems, but on the ordering of information sources by people, for instance in the form of key words such as tags and #tags as identifiers.
The resulting list of tags of information and objects is often termed a "folksonomy," a classification done by untrained individuals (folks) [1].
Standardized cataloging is crucial for communication between computer systems, but patrons now have an expectation of social interaction on the Internet, as evidenced by the popularity of folksonomy. After a description of traditional subject cataloging and folksonomy, this article discusses several institutions where subject cataloging is still used, but where patron interaction is also encouraged.
Collectively, the set of tags adopted by a community to facilitate the sharing of content is known as a folksonomy.