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A practice, custom, or belief shared by the members of a group as part of their common culture: studying the folkways of Appalachia.
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a traditional way of living, thinking, or acting in a particular social group; custom.
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Chapter titles include, Fleeing the Cross and the Pentacle: Resistance and Opposition in the Maintenance of Collective Identity, Neo-Heathens and Reconstructionists: The Project and Problems of Constructing a Heathen Nomos, Valkyries and Frithweavers: Women's Shifting Roles--from Warriors to Domestic Caretakers, and Honoring the Ancestors: Dealing with Issues of Race, Ethnicity, and Whiteness in Construction an Ethnic Folkway. The book has a political and social focus, looking at how the emerging religion meshes with the rest of society.
Her husband Tracy Schwarz joined the New Lost City Ramblers in 1963 and the band produced seven Folkway Albums between 1963 and 1973.
At the same time, there has been, in the words of MIT media studies professor Henry Jenkins, an "explosion of grassroots, participatory culture," a new high-tech folkway that not only draws on pop culture but appropriates from it more easily than ever before, and disseminates itself on a wider scale.
Between Worlds presents an unparalleled look at the work of this enigmatic and dazzling artist, who blended common imagery with arcane symbolism, narration with abstraction, and personal vision with the beliefs and folkways of his time, says a review on the Princeton University Press website.
The material will be of high value to musicologists, performers of Irish and folk music, and scholars of Irish American history, cultural anthropology, and folkways of immigrant communities.
Divisions within the revival between traditionalist musicians and devotees of what the earlier generation of revivalists would call "pseudo folk," in addition to the birth of the Newport Folk Festival and the continued work of Moses Asch's Folkways Records during this time, are major points of discussion.
Sibod: Ideology and Expressivity in Binanog Dance, Music, and Folkways of the Panay Bukidnon by Maria Christine Muyco
Along the way, we also get a rough history of colonial life and folkways, all through the lens of alcohol.
Many of these recordings were released on their own label, Greenhays Records, and on Folkways.
It was these consequences which issued in the mores, for in a society built on slavery as the form productive industry, all the mores, obeying the strain of consistency, must conform to that as the chief of the folkways.
The first LP I bought was the Folkways record Lead Belly's Last Sessions Part 4.