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n. & adj.
Variant of folkie.
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The hipster folky style has made way for something cooler, bleaker, altogether a bit less wholesome.
THE dusty-voiced young man from Detroit is considered a folky musician.
The best of the Macca-influenced tunes is the gorgeous, folky, Get the Point, but the closing Only Memories Remain and the melodic rock of Thin Line are no slouches either.
Despite the experimentation, frontman Stuart Murdoch has kept his melodic, observational lyrics and folky guitar and drums still lurk underneath the stompy electro of The Book Of You.
Joining him on stage will be his band, The Accidentals, who together have created a folky sound bordering on bluegrass.
Fake You Out ventured into Mika–style cabaret and Migraine echoed the pop–reggae of Jack Johnson, while the folky Ode To Sleep could have been a Mumford outtake.
The four folky popsters, aged between 17 and 19, reckon they have no time for romance while they're busy promoting new single Wild Heart, which is out now.
One can see a shift in tone from the first film's T Bone Burnett-produced soundtrack from folky melancholy to a slicker, more eccentric offering supervised by Alexandra Patsavas.
Folk-inspired pieces - dresses and tops made from comfortable fabrics with hand-worked motifs for a folky look that's suitably snugly for the colder weather.
The singer is well known for her unique blend of country music storytelling, folky introspectiveness and bluegrass energy.
There are also still tickets for the Folky Friday and Simply Sunday.
Their melodic folky pop songs centre on the rich Scottish vocal harmonies of Richard Ferguson and David McGinty.