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or fol·low·up (fŏl′ō-ŭp′)
1. The act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or review new developments: The follow-up is often as important as the initial contact in gaining new clients. The social worker's emphasis on followup reassured her clients.
2. One that follows so as to further an end or increase effectiveness: The software was a successful follow-up to the original product.
3. An article or a report giving further information on a previously reported item of news.
Intended to follow up, as to reinforce or evaluate previous action: a follow-up examination after the surgery.
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Noun1.followup - a piece of work that exploits or builds on earlier work; "his new software is a follow-up to the programs they started with"
piece of work, work - a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing; "it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works"; "the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work"; "he was indebted to the pioneering work of John Dewey"; "the work of an active imagination"; "erosion is the work of wind or water over time"
2.followup - an activity that continues something that has already begun or that repeats something that has already been done
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
3.followup - a subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment
examination, scrutiny - the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
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Operatives from the QCPD-Kamuning station launched a followup operation that led to the arrest of the suspects, who will face appropriate charges.
A followup investigation was also initiated to hunt down the perpetrators of Sambayan's killing, Quilates noted.
Chairing a followup meeting for the restructuring of Health Department at her office on Tuesday.
CNN's Brian Stelter tweeted last night, "It's an open secret within CBS News: @washingtonpost is working on a Charlie Rose followup." As traders passed around Stelter's newsletter from last night, which claimed the Washington Post is finishing up a months-long investigation of CBS News, specifically looking at who knew what when about Charlie Rose's alleged sexual misconduct, shares of CBS moved lower.
(2-9) Published guidelines for testicular seminoma provide consistent treatment recommendations, but followup schedules vary.
At the end of first followup, 6 (6.8%) patients and at the end of second followup 24 (27.3%) patients were lost to followup.
An additional followup note to adults suggests using the followup workbook (for earthquake preparedness) which can be purchased separately.
She was given standard postpartum instructions and told to schedule a followup appointment in 6 to 8 weeks.
NEW YORK, Jan 6 (KUNA) -- High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane briefed the Security Council this morning on chemical weapons in Syria, in particularly followup in resolution 2118.
Haider added that nevertheless, in the absence of longterm followup data demonstrating reduced risk of prostate cancer in hypogonadal men who were receiving testosterone therapy, considerable skepticism remains throughout the medical community and this was an expected natural and acceptable path of medical and scientific discourse.
status can automate the whole process through this.Set your default follow up time for each task or set a default time for all task, set which email to send a followup notification to and you are done.