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An inanimate object or substance that is capable of transmitting infectious organisms from one individual to another.

[Back-formation from New Latin fōmitēs, pl. of Latin fōmes, tinder, from fovēre, to warm; see dhegwh- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Microbiology) biology an inanimate substance or object that can transfer a pathogen to a host
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Noun1.fomite - any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc.) that can transmit infectious agents from one person to another
object, physical object - a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"
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([section]) Outbreaks were categorized as undetermined if mode of transmission was identified but specific water exposure, setting of person-to-person exposure, animal reservoir, food vehicle, or fomite was not identified or reported.
He is the author of two short story collections - Still Time (Fomite, 2012) and Here Is Ware (Fomite, 2018).
(5) Families should be educated about fomite transmission via shared combs or hats.
And how such a situation entered in Turbat that every individual is wondering just for the most useful fomite that is water.
Surface bio contamination is a problem that has been shown to aid outbreaks of community-acquired and nosocomial infections through fomite transmission (Nwankiti et al.,2012) This study revealed the presence of both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria on the contact surfaces.
Peter Nash; THE PERFECTION OF THINGS; Fomite (Fiction: Literary) 15.00 ISBN: 9781944388331
Her books include Lucky Country (Fomite, forthcoming); The Fall of Athens (Fomite, 2016); Penelopes Confession (Cosmos, 2007); The Collected Poems of Nikos Kavadias (Cosmos, 2006); I Had Three hives: Selected Poems of Mikis Theodorakis (Livani, 2004); The Cue for Passion: Grief and Its Political Uses (Harvard University Press, 2000); Dangerous Voices: Women's Laments and Greek Literature (Routledge, 1995); Theodorakis: Myth and Politics in Modern Greek Music (Adolf M.
Identification of fomites for possible NiV transmission would help design interventions prioritizing the area of hospital wards for disinfection to reduce surface contamination and possible risk for fomite transmission.
I agree that, in the clinical setting with an actual patient and a nurse working at the bedside, it would be best if the nurse's hair was tied back and the arms and hands should be free of anything that would act as a fomite or that would make hand hygiene difficult.
Inglis: "Antimicrobial fabrics are just now starting to find an audience in healthcare as the spotlight is turning to fabrics in the hospital setting as a possible fomite for cross-contamination.
Medical personnel call grocery bags by the ominous-sounding name fomite. That's a surface that can spread germs from person to person or to someone's food.