fond regard

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Noun1.fond regard - a feeling of affection for a person or an institutionfond regard - a feeling of affection for a person or an institution
affection, affectionateness, philia, warmness, warmheartedness, fondness, tenderness, heart - a positive feeling of liking; "he had trouble expressing the affection he felt"; "the child won everyone's heart"; "the warmness of his welcome made us feel right at home"
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For all our personal sensitivities, we are all too liable to be carried along by the crowd, espe-cially if the crowd or church or party includes people for whom we have fond regard - and wonder afterwards how we were so grossly misled.
Now 62 years old and working for a butcher back in his native Scotland, Buchanan need have no concerns about the fond regard he is still held in at Cardiff.
"The Australian public has a fond regard for members of the Royal Family and His Royal Highness is sure to draw big crowds to Sydney Harbour for the biggest public event ever hosted by the Royal Australian Navy," ( said Director, International Fleet Review, Captain Nick Bramwell.
This cinema classic dramatically perked up attendances in 1990 after months of Mr Morris having to subsidise the Rex, so he has more than a fond regard for it.
The Carling Cup, though, is a competition Baines will always have a fond regard for, as he also made his debut for Wigan in October 2002 during a second round tie at West Brom; now back home with his boyhood club, he would love the chance to go one better.
TV-trained Quiroga sketches social portraits with fond regard. Luis Tosar-Lazona-produced "Tocando fondo" turns on a car mechanic who returns to his father and brother's fjord village home and while fishing, lands a cocaine bundle.
As an Alabama native who grew up in the '60s and '70s, I have a fond regard for the life of Paul "Bear" Bryant, one, if not the best, of college football's all-time great coaches.
Her busy life means she hardly has time to watch Coronation Street but she holds it in fond regard.
A son of Soba, the former 'Queen of the North' in the 80s, the nine-year-old is clearly held in fond regard by John Balding, who trains him for his brother-in-law David Bichen and Richard Crowe.