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v. fon·dled, fon·dling, fon·dles
1. To handle, stroke, or touch lovingly. See Synonyms at caress.
2. To handle, stroke, or touch sexually and inappropriately.
3. Obsolete To treat with indulgence and solicitude; pamper.
1. To show fondness or affection by stroking or touching.
2. To touch, stroke, or handle someone or something sexually and inappropriately.

[Frequentative of fond, to show fondness for (obsolete).]

fon′dler n.
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Noun1.fondler - a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one; "they are heavy petters"
lover - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
2.fondler - a molester who touches the intimate parts of the victim; "the woman charged that her jailer was a fondler"; "not all fondlers are sexual perverts"
molester - someone who subjects others to unwanted or improper sexual activities
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Octogenarian pastry fondler Mary Berry is about to see her salary rise nicely like a perfect Victoria sponge.
YOURS truly mishearing The Apprentice's Brett telling the London Pet Show crowd they're fond lovers of animals as: "You're all a fondler of animals.
The nine porn actresses were dressed in yellow T-shirts which they rolled up to reveal their frontal assets when the 24-hour event that would surely remain treasured in the bosom of the fondler and the fondled long after gravity has taken its toll on the twin peaks.
He was a groomer and fondler of young boys, but he wasn't a rapist, and he wasn't violent.
Usually, though, both the fondler and fondled are very willing males.
DANIELLE Lloyd, the professional footballer fondler, has been attacked for the second time in a month, while visiting a nightclub.
Lipstick: Focused fondler, some of us are only attracted to lipsticks.
In February, authorities arrested the fondler chairman of the now-bankrupt caned-food producer Cirio as part of a separate corporate fraud investigation.