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 (fŏn-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′)
1. Variant of fondue.
2. (also fŏn-dü′) In ballet, a movement in which the body is lowered by bending the knee of the supporting leg.

[French, from feminine past participle of fondre, to melt; see fondant.]

fon·due′ v.
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(fɒnˈduː; French fɔ̃ndy)
(Ballet) ballet a ballet movement in which the dancer lowers the body by bending the leg(s)
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Noun1.fondu - cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various saucesfondu - cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
beef fondue, boeuf fondu bourguignon - cubes of beef cooked in hot oil and then dipped in various tasty sauces
2.fondu - hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
cheese fondue - fondue made of cheese melted in wine for dipping bread and sometimes fruits
chocolate fondue - fondue made of chocolate melted with milk or cream for dipping fruits
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All Mr Grrrrumblebum needs is the Recipe for Disaster which will make the world so hot 'it will become Fondu de Terre'.
They were transported back to 1975, the time of fondu and flares, when prawn cocktail was the height of sophistication and flock wallpaper was fashionable.
perejo dirbti i nepriklausomoje Lietuvoje ikurta Valstybine geodezijos tarnyba Geodezijos ir kartografijos medziagos fondu virsininku.
Fall, A.B., Toppet, M., Ferster, A., Fondu, P., Vanhaelen-Fastre, R., Vanhaelen, M., 1998.
La banquise de l'Arctique a rE[umlaut]trE[umlaut]ci de 6 Ea 7-% en hiver et de 10 Ea 12-% en E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] au cours des 30 derniE res annE[umlaut]es, indique le rapport prE[umlaut]sentE[umlaut] par le Programme des Nations unies pour l'environnement (PNUE) Ea Tromsoe (nord de la NorvE ge), Ea la veille de la JournE[umlaut]e mondiale de l'environnement.La superficie des surfaces terrestres enneigE[umlaut]es a E[umlaut]galement fondu de 7 Ea 10-% dans l'hE[umlaut]misphE re Nord dans la pE[umlaut]riode mars-avril au cours des trois ou quatre derniE res dE[umlaut]cennies, prE[umlaut]cise le rapport.
Riki started with wild mushroom bruschetta, topped with a camembert fondu (pounds 6.50).
Sinitsin is now managed by Philippe Fondu who has a stable of Eastern European fighters, but the veteran boxer believes that being out of the American loop will deny him the opportunity to reach the very top.
Phillipe Fondu, the agent acting for Sinitsin from his base in France, lost out with a bid to take the contest to Monaco.
I hope you got what you wanted, and if you didn't, I hope you can make good use of that fondu set, or those cocktail shakers which will really come in handy on a wet night in Larkhal.
His Portsmouth opponent is likely to be another East European from the bulging contacts book of ubiquitous Belgian manager Philippe Fondu.

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