food cache

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cache - food in a secure or hidden storage place
commissariat, provisions, viands, victuals, provender - a stock or supply of foods
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Meanwhile, a food cache allegedly owned by the NPAs was discovered by the operating combat troops of the Army's 88th Infantry Battalion (88IB) in Sitio Bulacao, Barangay Concepcion, Valencia City, in Bukidnon province, on Wednesday (Feb.
Castor canadensis Kuhl (North American beavers) are central place foragers who collect woody plants and building materials from their surroundings and return to a main body of water containing a lodge or food cache.
Bank dens are similar to lodges in their construction, consisting of a living chamber and a food cache area.
Neotoma dens are elaborate (Nowak and Paradiso, 1983), contain multiple entrances and exits, are large enough to accommodate nests and food cache sites and have peripheral areas for latrine sites (Rainey, 1956; Cameron and Rainey, 1972; Monty and Emerson, 2003).
Clayton and her colleague Nathan Emery looked at how the jays reacted to the possibility that some sleazy neighbor would steal a food cache.
Rangers found her body buried in the animal's food cache.
Then there are the engineers--and all engineers have four tents--office--bunk house--for 3 or 4--cook house--and food cache.
The IGA Food Cache in Delta Junction, Alaska, is the northernmost IGA store in the world, and it appears to thrive despite the capricious whims of Mother Nature.
She saw that she was in this village, and when she was conscious, she was by the elevated food cache.
LoGiudice (2001) explored food caching behavior of Allegheny woodrats and found that carrying entire feces to food caches resulted in a greater risk of contamination of the entire food cache as opposed to white-footed mice, which only carried B.