food for thought

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: for thought - anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking
cognitive content, mental object, content - the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
pabulum - insipid intellectual nourishment
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M'ganwazam will rear him carefully, making a good cannibal of him, and if you ever chance to return to civilization it will doubtless afford you much food for thought as you compare the luxuries and comforts of your life with the details of the life your son is living in the village of the Waganwazam.
Mohammed Beyd is your only hope," and with this assertion to provide the captive with food for thought, the Arab spurred forward toward the head of the column.
He seemed to find much food for thought in this; but his reply was very slow and hesitant.
This was food for thought certainly, but it was not what worried him.
There was much food for thought in the man- ner in which he replied.
He has left us much food for thought, a portion of which shall lend its wisdom to a moral, and be shaped into a figure.
It was the note which the family had taken to sounding on the mention of the Countess Olenska's name, since she had surprised and inconvenienced them by remaining obdurate to her husband's advances; but on May's lips it gave food for thought, and Archer looked at her with the sense of strangeness that sometimes came over him when she was most in the tone of her environment.
This nervousness and sudden care on her part, which had struck Monsieur Darzac, had given me, also, food for thought.
The conference ended with each school being presented with a certificate from the Mayor of Kirklees which read: "Congratulations for taking your own little steps to change the world at the fairandfunky One World Week Conference: Food for Thought.
What better way to enjoy an evening of culinary arts and entertainment than knowing all proceeds will support a great cause like Food For Thought.
8220;This expansion would not be possible without Food For Thought Ojai, our local implementer.
DIGGING IN: Lee-Rose Jordan from Food for Thought, Angela McCann, Headteacher Clair Robinson, gardener Giles Evans, Coun Dan Howells, Coventry Foodbank director Gavin Kibble and pupils Grace Fox, Aine Geraghty, and Matthew Jones