foolish woman

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Noun1.foolish woman - a female fool
fool, muggins, saphead, tomfool, sap - a person who lacks good judgment
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He kept on saying you would never come any more, and that I was a foolish woman.
She seized the foolish woman by the shoulders, forced her back in the chair, and looked her straight in the face without uttering a word.
Dear," she said, "you are not the only foolish woman in the world.
I dare say I am merely a foolish woman with a young girl's fancies.
I know I am a foolish woman, but I want my man for myself.
You are already sacrificed to the folly of the most foolish woman living.
The doctor had said she must bathe him every night, and she, foolish woman, believed him.
of a dishonorable act of violence upon the person of a foolish woman,
Make this foolish woman understand that she can't behave like this to a lady in misfortune .
As Eleanor Fairlie (aged seven-and-thirty), she was always talking pretentious nonsense, and always worrying the unfortunate men with every small exaction which a vain and foolish woman can impose on long-suffering male humanity.
To which Job replied: "You speak like a foolish woman.
I feel this rather foolish woman could be taking the blame for Theresa May and Boris Johnson, as well as other top Tories.