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Failure to take prompt or required action: "The inquiry should be thorough and objective, while working fast enough to avoid any suspicion of foot-dragging" (Economist).

foot′-drag′ger n.


or foot′drag`ging,

reluctance or failure to proceed or act promptly.
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Four of the 17 biotech deals conducted last year received Series A funding in 2000 or earlier (those foot-draggers were directly responsible for the inflated time to exit) but the median exit time actually was much lower, with seven deals taking five years or less from the closing of their Series A trading.
The United Nations has proceeded at a glacial pace, thanks to China and its fellow foot-draggers.
There are the foot-draggers, who give you endless reasons why things can't be done, who challenge the data and question the evidence," Bradley says.
Oftel - more of a obliging spaniel than a snarling Alsatian - was accused of intervening too late in bringing the foot-draggers at BT into line.
It will only take a couple of overpriced bathroom stall doors to poke holes in that estimate and give the naysayers and foot-draggers another reason to do the bare minimum to fix the state's schools.
A bipartisan coalition of leaders in Massachusetts has shown the nation that we don't need to wait for the foot-draggers in Washington to come up with solutions to our health care crises of rising prices and shrinking coverage.
And if we don't go that route we should expect more and more public servants to turn into foot-draggers, refuseniks or even whistle-blowers when they are asked to take part in actions or inactions that are indefensible in terms of the outcomes they create.
When we did, we took steps to correct them and succeeded in spite of corporate and political foot-draggers.
Would he rather go easy on the foot-draggers and allow his team to become disheartened, possibly sidetracked by the powerful emotions of "altruistic punishment," or maintain work standards so the group enjoys the benefits of ever-higher levels of individual investment in the team's accomplishments?
It is surely only a matter of time before Hills, Betfred and various other foot-draggers follow suit - though don't underestimate their fury at having to do so.
But the next question is this: how do pro-trade and pro-Doha leaders such as Cameron and Merkel bring the foot-draggers on board?
Some foot-draggers in the Pentagon are warning that it may take another year before gays can serve openly, But the commander in chief and his defense secretary should make certain the law goes into effect far more quickly.