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Dag Daughtry, who had kept always foot-loose and never married, surveyed the boat-load of his responsibilities to which he was anchored--Kwaque, the Black Papuan monstrosity whom he had saved from the bellies of his fellows; Ah Moy, the little old sea-cook whose age was problematical only by decades; the Ancient Mariner, the dignified, the beloved, and the respected; gangly Big John, the youthful Scandinavian with the inches of a giant and the mind of a child; Killeny Boy, the wonder of dogs; Scraps, the outrageously silly and fat-rolling puppy; Cocky, the white- feathered mite of life, imperious as a steel-blade and wheedlingly seductive as a charming child; and even the forecastle cat, the lithe and tawny slayer of rats, sheltering between the legs of Ah Moy.
'We support the rationalization of fiscal incentives and the lowering of corporate income taxes under Trabaho but we also support the retention of incentives for foot-loose and labor-intensive industries,' FEF said.
But now with the kids leaving home, it's time to make the most of your new foot-loose and fancy-free lifestyle.
Backed by a dynamic musical score mixing contemporary hit songs with chart-topping classics like "Let's Hear It for the Boy" and "Almost Paradise," Ren must win over the town--and the audience--and teach everyone to "cut foot-loose."
"Foot-loose" wound up cuming a just-OK $52 million domestically.
The region's out-of-town office parks are bucking the trend across the UK by continuing to provide new space with all the benefits that should attract further national, 'foot-loose, enquiries focused on the quality of its developments , quality of it's people and a passion for success.
The foot-loose dance organized by Ganesh and team was excellent and was very much appreciated.
Mechanics, going top-side on your Black Hawk for maintenance or inspections is no time to be foot-loose or fancy-free.
Emerging economies around the world are worried that the billions in new money from the Federal Reserve will stoke speculative flows of foot-loose "hot money", and some are resorting to capital controls in a bid to stem the tide.
And career-wise, Denise is going to be foot-loose and fancy-free when she quits Waterloo Road after playing French teacher Steph for five series and winning best actress award.
Mike Lowry is a foot-loose and fancy free ladies' man.