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Adj.1.foot-shaped - shaped in the form of a foot
formed - having or given a form or shape
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" It's a foot-shaped impression in the granite on a hill beside a church in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
This is one comfortable trainer, thanks to soft padding in the collar and tongue, and a foot-shaped ergonomic last that your feet will instantly love.
British shoe brand Clarks, whose roots date back to nearly 200 years ago, has come a long way since making sheepskin slippers and the world's first foot-shaped shoe.
Gold Bond Foot Cream, supplied by Albea Americas, won Gold in the Best Pharmaceutical category; and Freeman's Barefoot Lime & Coconut Butter Cream, in a foot-shaped tube, won Silver in the Best Sustainable Tube category.
Then there's overhead: To make a pair of shoes you need a last, a foot-shaped mold used to shape the leather.
More than 100 brands that Britons miss most were nominated for the campaign, with Trio and foot-shaped ice cream Funny Feet top of the comeback charts.
The beginning stage is the same for both men's and women's shoes: Using the drawing, a wooden last, or foot-shaped form, is created to articulate the shoe's shape in three dimensions; drawn-on marks denote its surface details.
There (among other images) the life-sized, oil-black damned walk, or crawl (there's one very Kiki Smith-like figure) on the black road-to-hell, leaving their paler footprints behind them, leaving behind them these little foot-shaped absences where they have peeled the horror up onto their own grief-struck bodies as they go.
"I've grown foot-long carrots before but never foot-shaped ones."
Rylee suffered a black eye, swelling and had a foot-shaped bruise on his face.
Rylee was taken to hospital and suffered a black eye, swelling and had a foot-shaped bruise to his face.
Fresh can place the device in what the company describes as a whimsical, foot-shaped stand that offers instant upright, hygienic storage.