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Noun1.footcandle - a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle
illumination unit - a measure of illumination
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Charged with the power to change one thing about the industry during their reign, the designers, manufacturers and academics called for streamlined manufacturing, better education, and bans on product substitutions and footcandle meters.
* The required lighting level in offices is 500 lux (46.5 footcandle) on a horizontal plane located at a 0.90-m (2.95 ft) level.
That means that if the average footcandle measurement for an area is 4 footcandles, the level for any part of that area should never be less than one footcandle.
Local building codes require a minimum lighting level, often specified in "footcandles," which are units of surface illumination (e.g., one footcandle equals the amount of light given off by a lit candle over a one-square-foot area located one foot away from the light source).
At a distance of one ft, a standard candle produces one footcandle upon a surface normal to the beam.
This performance is based on the visual effective lumens (VEL) of Induction lamps, versus the traditional outdoor footcandle measurement criteria developed for HID lamps many years ago.
For each sport and each league or class, industry standards give corresponding suggested field dimensions, footcandle levels, the number of floodlights per pole and their beam spreads, the number of poles with their height and setback, and matching aiming diagrams.
Three factors affect the amount of footcandle illumination available at any given point.