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Noun1.footfault - a fault that occurs when the server in tennis fails to keep both feet behind the baseline
lawn tennis, tennis - a game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court
fault - (sports) a serve that is illegal (e.g., that lands outside the prescribed area); "he served too many double faults"
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The systemic administration of exosomes released from mesenchymal stromal cells resulted in significant functional enhancement in the footfault test and a modified neurological severity score starting 2 weeks after treatment, as well as increased neurite remodeling, neurogenesis, and angiogenesis in the ischemic boundary zone after stroke in rats [72].
I don't know what the 'F' stood for but I hope it's something apt like 'Footfault' or 'Forty-love'.
Nottingham and Towler, both 22, found a way back into the final by just keeping ahead in the second and then setting up a decider when Ellis footfaulted on his serve.