A structural component in a shoe or boot consisting of a stiff midsole that extends back around the heel, designed to provide stability for the foot.
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It features a steel shank and EVA footframe with 3/4-length Texon insoles to provide both cushioning and support.
The Lite SD fits a wider variety of foot types with standard lasting, while the slip lasted Control SL gives more motion control with a superior footframe cradle.
A thermoplastic footframe and foam padded insole make the Lago a strong shoe for tennis, or other court sports.
The full-grain leather upper, Webtec lateral support straps, polyurethane footframe and Nike's Air-Sole [R] are a few of the features that makeup this solid, comfortable, cross-training shoe.
To enhance stability and reduce roll-over, Nike added a polyurethane footframe device for surer footing on inclines and uneven terrain.