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 (fo͞ot′l) Informal
intr.v. foo·tled, foo·tling, foo·tles
1. To waste time; trifle.
2. To talk nonsense.
Nonsense; foolishness.

[Probably variant of footer, to screw around, from obsolete fouter, an act of sexual intercourse, from French foutre, to have sexual intercourse, from Latin futuere; see bhau- in Indo-European roots.]

foo′tler n.
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a person who footles
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Silly footler. (116-17) Tompkins's attempt to replace beauty with social commentary and political propaganda ("a telling poster") is unfortunate because it abandons aesthetics for a vision of politics divorced from caritas (Tompkins is so uncharitable as to call for the execution of those he deems to be of "no use to Society" [116]).