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1. Having no feet.
2. Lacking a firm support or basis; unsubstantial.
3. Informal Not competent or skillful; inept.

foot′less·ly adv.
foot′less·ness n.
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(ˈfʊt lɪs)

1. lacking a foot or feet.
2. having no support or basis.
3. awkward, helpless, or inefficient.
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Adj.1.footless - having no feet or analogous appendages
footed - having feet; "footed creatures"; "a footed sofa"
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(= with no feet)ohne Füße
(fig: = unsubstantial) → nicht stichhaltig, nicht fundiert
(inf: = inept) → ungeschickt
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References in classic literature ?
Now the spates are banked and deep; now the footless boulders leap-- Now the lightning shows each littlest leaf-rib clear-- But thy throat is shut and dried, and thy heart against thy side
At first Riderhood had sat with his footless glass extended at arm's length for filling, while the very deliberate stranger seemed absorbed in his preparations.
Only answering with a shrug, the man filled the footless glass, and Riderhood emptied it: looking amazedly from his daughter to his visitor.
'And you,' he added, turning to his daughter, as he filled the footless glass, 'if it warn't wasting good sherry wine on you, I'd chuck this at you, for Poll Parroting with this man.
The honest man who gained his living by the sweat of his brow remained in a state akin to stupefaction, until the footless glass and the unfinished bottle conveyed themselves into his mind.
Altogether he had made nearly a hundred and twenty; but many had died, and others--like the writhing Footless Thing of which he had told me-- had come by violent ends.
"Footless, yellow earth-worm," said Bagheera under his whiskers, as though he were trying to remember something.
Suspense, she felt, was in the air, and when her sight cleared, saw, indeed, a mural tablet of a footless bird brooding upon the carven motto, " Wayte awhyle--wayte awhyle."
The mug was worn and dented: above the twined initials, G.L., was the crest of a footless bird and the motto: " Wayte awhyle--wayte awhyle."
Jane Fonda defined the genre in the 80s, her tapes introducing women to the joys of aerobic fitness in footless tights.
Aristotle rather unkindly called the swift, 'footless' and indeed the Latin name, apus actually means, a - without, and pous - foot.
Where possible, the use of footless and non-ventilated motors can eliminate areas on the motor that are more difficult to clean.