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A trunk for storing personal belongings, especially one kept at the foot of a bed, as in a barracks.


(Military) US a long trunk at the foot of a bed, where personal possessions are kept, esp in an army barracks


(ˈfʊtˌlɒk ər)

a small trunk kept at the foot of a bed, esp. to hold a soldier's or camper's personal effects.
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Noun1.footlocker - a trunk for storing personal possessionsfootlocker - a trunk for storing personal possessions; usually kept at the foot of a bed (as in a barracks)
trunk - luggage consisting of a large strong case used when traveling or for storage


foot locker [ˈfʊtlɒkər] n (US)malle f
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Still, consumers have shown increased desire for college footlockers that have multiple features and are still quality, lasting products.
It includes numerous multi-weapon containers, designed to hold any combination of M4s and Ml6s; chests with sliding drawers, designed for supply storage; the Field Desk that comes with attachable tabletops for quick setup; large and small footlockers and trunk lockers; the lighter-weight, injection-molded trunk locker; and a full range of single-lid cases.
As time wears on and veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam become fewer in number, there's an increased chance of more war era footlockers being found in other attics, basements, and garage sales.
The DAVS Container Load Module will build packing lists down to serial numbers of items for footlockers, unipacks/triwalls, and containers.
When we were leaving Africa, we had our shipping crates and footlockers set up for packing several weeks before our departure.
The studio consisted of the lease for the space; utility services; dozens of drums of different varieties; footlockers full of hundreds of costumes; a gaggle of knives, gongs, fans and other props; eighty students; and a teaching schedule that has kept Freshley in class at least fifty hours a week.
The lamps retail for $24.99; 52-inch ceiling fans, for $79; waste baskets, for $19.99; pillows, for $14.99; footlockers, for $34; 24-inch lockers, for $39, and 48-inch lockers, for $59.
College trunks and footlockers have long been amid the most sought-after and useful college items that DormCo carries.