(fo͝ot′lông′, -lŏng′)
Being one foot in length.
A hot dog or submarine sandwich that is one foot long.
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Police have also confiscated a footlong dagger from one of the protesters.
"We've caught a lot of footlong northerns that had no problem attacking a lure almost as big as they were, so I don't think walleyes would welcome feisty little Esox lucius critters to tbeir family gatherings."
IT'S LIKE EATING: 3 Subway Cold Cut Combo footlong subs.
Your mates will undoubtedly have a couple of tips, whether they know the difference between a furlong and a footlong or not.
Following in the footsteps of Aldi, M&S is launching its own range of footlong pigs in blankets.
Occasionally a bull would stretch his powerful jaw, showing off his gaping mouth and menacing footlong incisors - not something I'd like to see in my hotel pool!
The Round Rock hot dog (PS13.95) is indecently big, a footlong frank that elicits smirks from around the table, topped with a tangle of smoky pulled pork that's deeply flavoured from a slow smoke in the purpose built barbecue pit.
Consider that Subway has heavily advertised its "Footlong" sandwich, but nutritional information posted on the Subway website and available at restaurants is expressed only for 6-inch subs (Subway 2016).
IGASPED as I surveyed the footlong Cross of St George tattooed on Colin's jelly-like belly.
They also carve nontraditional shapes like footlong dragons and masks.
In addition to Subway's plans to relaunch the $5 Footlong, McDonald's will revive a version of its Dollar Menu next month.