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or foot race  (fo͝ot′rās′)
n. Sports
A race run by contestants on foot.

foot′rac′ing n.
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a race by foot
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a race run by contestants on foot.
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Noun1.footrace - a race run on footfootrace - a race run on foot; "she broke the record for the half-mile run"
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
fun run, funrun - a footrace run for fun (often including runners who are sponsored for a charity)
marathon - a footrace of 26 miles 385 yards
obstacle race - a race in which competitors must negotiate obstacles
steeplechase - a footrace of usually 3000 meters over a closed track with hurdles and a water jump
track event - a footrace performed on a track (indoor or outdoor)
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Some of the spectators invited attention to their wit by shouting and groaning and challenging the ghost to a footrace.
The noble and free citizens of Epidaphne being, as they declare, well satisfied of the faith, valor, wisdom, and divinity of their king, and having, moreover, been eye-witnesses of his late superhuman agility, do think it no more than their duty to invest his brows (in addition to the poetic crown) with the wreath of victory in the footrace -- a wreath which it is evident he must obtain at the celebration of the next Olympiad, and which, therefore, they now give him in advance.
Gill's second closed out the half, the centre winning the footrace to a well-placed grubber kick to give Thunder a commanding lead - which they quickly extended at the start of the second 40.
Athletes will also aim high as they take part in an array of events, including the popular six-mile hill race and Scottish Championship Footrace.
The Kenyans showed their class by humbling the local bets in the annual footrace designed to raise funds for the clean-up of the Manila Bay.
Sisi Rondina fired 21 points for UST, which hiked its record to 9-4, just half a game behind La Salle in the final footrace for the second twice-to-beat incentive.
Meanwhile, Southampton's Irish winger Michael Obafemi insists he would be confident of outsprinting Killian Mbappe in a footrace!
Midway through the second half, Van Dijk set off on a footrace against Adama Traore, touted as the league's fastest player.
Dubbed the "toughest footrace in the world" the 245km race includes a mountain section between Athens and Sparti.
But Sharon Gayter's latest challenge was a bit closer to home - as she tackled a 140-mile coast to coast non-stop footrace over the bank holiday weekend.
Mendez was running seventh after the 90K bike but cranked it up in the footrace and blew by pacesetter Butterfield by the 16th kilometer mark on Punta Engano road.
Running seventh after the 90-km bike leg, Mendez cranked it up in the footrace and blew by pacesetter Butterfield by the 16th kilometer mark on Punta Engano road, initially seizing a 22-second advantage.