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or foot race  (fo͝ot′rās′)
n. Sports
A race run by contestants on foot.

foot′rac′ing n.


a race by foot



a race run by contestants on foot.
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Noun1.footrace - a race run on footfootrace - a race run on foot; "she broke the record for the half-mile run"
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
fun run, funrun - a footrace run for fun (often including runners who are sponsored for a charity)
marathon - a footrace of 26 miles 385 yards
obstacle race - a race in which competitors must negotiate obstacles
steeplechase - a footrace of usually 3000 meters over a closed track with hurdles and a water jump
track event - a footrace performed on a track (indoor or outdoor)
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The "pedestrianism," or professional footracing that Booth engaged in, had been exported to Australia from Britain.
For cosmologists, a redshift value of 4 used to seem like the 4-minute mile in footracing.