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intr.v. foot·slogged, foot·slog·ging, foot·slogs
To walk, march, or trudge, especially over a long distance.

foot′slog′ger n.
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Noun1.footslogger - fights on foot with small armsfootslogger - fights on foot with small arms  
fusilier - (formerly) a British infantryman armed with a light flintlock musket
grenade thrower, grenadier - an infantryman equipped with grenades
doughboy - an American infantryman in World War I
musketeer - a foot soldier armed with a musket
soldier - an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army; "the soldiers stood at attention"
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[ˈfʊtslɒgəʳ] Npeatón(a) m/f (Mil) → soldado mf de infantería
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8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Wear off 9 Up-end 10 A-list 11 Ogreish 12 Eau 13 Resonant 16 Versions 17 Zip 19 Earplug 21 Burns 22 Gamut 23 Recital DOWN: 1 Sweater 2 Manicure 3 Font 4 Currents 5 Yeti 6 Idaho 8 Footslogger 13 Resolute 14 Nazareth 15 Epistle 18 Reign 20 Ramp 21 Buck QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 In the saddle 8 Ace 9 Out 11 Perfume 12 Adore 13 Add 14 Top 15 Satchel 17 Tom 19 Owed 21 User 23 Oboe 25 Wimp 27 Two 29 Abdomen 31 Shy 34 Old 36 Tiara 37 Matinee 38 Err 39 Car 40 Encountered DOWN: 1 Iced 2 Nerd 3 Haulage 4 Speech 5 Drake 6 Loot 7 Euro 8 Apart 10 Tepid 16 Loo 18 Mum 20 Wet 22 Spa 24 Breathe 25 Waste 26 Common 28 Order 30 Bravo 32 Hire 33 Yarn 34 Once 35 Lead
The rush was spoilt by wet ground and the battle became a footslogger's struggle with the 8ft-long English bill proving vastly superior to the pike of their adversaries.
After serving 27 years in the military as a sailor during the war, a footslogger in Korea, and a peacekeeper in the Middle East, it's always nice to read about some of things that happened to me during that time and, of course, to my friends.
This increased literacy also changed attitudes towards the average footslogger far more than the great ideals of democracy and equality.
The regulars are London Pride, Tetleys and a lovely Bass supplemented by guests the latest of which of were Footslogger and Goodbody's Golden Ale with, if you'll pardon the expression, a Piddle in the Hole and a Rooster's Cream to follow.
As war approached, he realised that he did not want to go into the military and especially did not want to be a footslogger. So, with his recently discovered love of flying, it had to be the RAAF, and nothing else.
If you need to pick up some hiking gear (as I did, coming from New York), stop by Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters (
The big-hearted pair climbed Croagh Patrick in Co Mayo where they were joined by around 1,500 other footsloggers for the charity trek.
But I know that Sir Charles as an honest man himself will agree wholeheartedly with me when I say that when honors are handed out, those who should rank first and foremost are the members of the Convention People's Party, the pioneers and the footsloggers of the National Independence Movement.