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Having sore or tired feet, as from too much walking.

foot′sore′ness n.


having sore or tired feet, esp from much walking
ˈfootˌsoreness n


(ˈfʊtˌsɔr, -ˌsoʊr)

having sore or tender feet, as from much walking.
foot′sore`ness, n.
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Adj.1.footsore - having sore or tired feet
tired - depleted of strength or energy; "tired mothers with crying babies"; "too tired to eat"
مَتَقَرِّح القَدَمَيْن
s bolavýma nohama
med ømme fødder
fájós lábú
s boľavými nohami


[ˈfʊtsɔːʳ] ADJ to be footsoretener los pies cansados y doloridos


[ˈfʊtsɔːr] adj
to be footsore → avoir mal aux pieds


[ˈfʊtˌsɔːʳ] adj to be footsoreavere i piedi doloranti, avere mal di piedi


(fut) plural feet (fiːt) noun
1. the part of the leg on which a person or animal stands or walks. My feet are very sore from walking so far.
2. the lower part of anything. at the foot of the hill.
3. (plural often foot ; often abbreviated to ft when written) a measure of length equal to twelve inches (30.48 cm). He is five feet/foot six inches tall; a four-foot wall.
ˈfooting noun
1. balance. It was difficult to keep his footing on the narrow path.
2. foundation. The business is now on a firm footing.
ˈfootball noun
1. a game played by kicking a large ball. The children played football; (also adjective) a football fan.
2. the ball used in this game.
ˈfoothill noun
a small hill at the foot of a mountain. the foothills of the Alps.
ˈfoothold noun
a place to put one's feet when climbing. to find footholds on the slippery rock.
ˈfootlight noun
(in a theatre) a light which shines on the actors etc from the front of the stage.
ˈfootmanplural ˈfootmen noun
a male servant wearing a uniform. The footman opened the door.
ˈfootmark noun
a footprint. He left dirty footmarks.
ˈfootnote noun
a note at the bottom of a page. The footnotes referred to other chapters of the book.
ˈfootpath noun
a path or way for walking, not for cars, bicycles etc. You can go by the footpath.
ˈfootprint noun
the mark or impression of a foot. She followed his footprints through the snow.
ˈfootsore adjective
with painful feet from too much walking. He arrived, tired and footsore.
ˈfootstep noun
the sound of a foot. She heard his footsteps on the stairs.
ˈfootwear noun
boots, shoes, slippers etc. He always buys expensive footwear.
follow in someone's footsteps
to do the same as someone has done before one. When he joined the police force he was following in his father's footsteps.
foot the bill
to be the person who pays the bill.
on foot
walking. She arrived at the house on foot.
put one's foot down
to be firm about something. I put my foot down and refused.
put one's foot in it
to say or do something stupid. I really put my foot in it when I asked about his wife – she had just run away with his friend!


a. que presenta molestia o dolor en el pie.
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Later we saw him (cabless) doing a footsoreness act and trying to pinch a bike (another joke, see - what a comedian).