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a. A step with the foot.
b. The sound of a foot stepping. Also called footfall.
2. The distance covered by a step: a footstep away.
3. See footprint.
4. A step on which to go up or down.
follow in (someone's) footsteps
To carry on the behavior, work, or tradition of.


1. the action of taking a step in walking
2. the sound made by stepping or walking
3. the distance covered with a step; pace
4. a footmark
5. a single stair; step
6. to continue the tradition or example of another



1. the setting down of a foot, or the sound so produced.
2. the distance covered by a step in walking; pace.
3. a footprint.
4. a step by which to ascend or descend.
follow in someone's footsteps, to succeed another person.


1. 'pace'

A pace is a step of normal length that you take when you walk.

He'd only gone a few paces before he stopped again.
The waiter stepped back a pace, watching his customer carefully.
2. 'footstep'

You do not use 'pace' to refer to the sound made by a person's step. The word you use is footstep.

They heard footsteps and turned round.
3. 'footprint'

You also do not use 'pace'to refer to a mark in the ground made by a person's foot. The word you use is footprint.

...fresh footprints in the snow.
There were no footprints or any signs of how the burglars got in.
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Noun1.footstep - the sound of a step of someone walkingfootstep - the sound of a step of someone walking; "he heard footsteps on the porch"
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
tramp - a heavy footfall; "the tramp of military boots"
2.footstep - the act of taking a step in walking
step - the act of changing location by raising the foot and setting it down; "he walked with unsteady steps"
3.footstep - the distance covered by a stepfootstep - the distance covered by a step; "he stepped off ten paces from the old tree and began to dig"
indefinite quantity - an estimated quantity


1. step, tread, footfall I heard footsteps outside.
2. footprint, mark, track, trace, outline, imprint, indentation, footmark people's footsteps in the snow


The act or manner of going on foot:
خُطْوَةخُطْوَه، أثَر القَدَم
krokzvuk kroku
zvuk kroku
adımayak sesi
bước chân


[ˈfʊtstep] Npaso m, pisada f
I can hear footsteps on the stairsoigo pasos or pisadas en la escalera
to follow in sb's footstepsseguir los pasos de algn


[ˈfʊtstɛp] npas m
I can hear footsteps on the stairs → J'entends des pas dans l'escalier.
to follow in sb's footsteps (fig)suivre les traces de qn, marcher sur les traces de qn


[ˈfʊtˌstɛp] npasso


(fut) plural feet (fiːt) noun
1. the part of the leg on which a person or animal stands or walks. My feet are very sore from walking so far.
2. the lower part of anything. at the foot of the hill.
3. (plural often foot ; often abbreviated to ft when written) a measure of length equal to twelve inches (30.48 cm). He is five feet/foot six inches tall; a four-foot wall.
ˈfooting noun
1. balance. It was difficult to keep his footing on the narrow path.
2. foundation. The business is now on a firm footing.
ˈfootball noun
1. a game played by kicking a large ball. The children played football; (also adjective) a football fan.
2. the ball used in this game.
ˈfoothill noun
a small hill at the foot of a mountain. the foothills of the Alps.
ˈfoothold noun
a place to put one's feet when climbing. to find footholds on the slippery rock.
ˈfootlight noun
(in a theatre) a light which shines on the actors etc from the front of the stage.
ˈfootmanplural ˈfootmen noun
a male servant wearing a uniform. The footman opened the door.
ˈfootmark noun
a footprint. He left dirty footmarks.
ˈfootnote noun
a note at the bottom of a page. The footnotes referred to other chapters of the book.
ˈfootpath noun
a path or way for walking, not for cars, bicycles etc. You can go by the footpath.
ˈfootprint noun
the mark or impression of a foot. She followed his footprints through the snow.
ˈfootsore adjective
with painful feet from too much walking. He arrived, tired and footsore.
ˈfootstep noun
the sound of a foot. She heard his footsteps on the stairs.
ˈfootwear noun
boots, shoes, slippers etc. He always buys expensive footwear.
follow in someone's footsteps
to do the same as someone has done before one. When he joined the police force he was following in his father's footsteps.
foot the bill
to be the person who pays the bill.
on foot
walking. She arrived at the house on foot.
put one's foot down
to be firm about something. I put my foot down and refused.
put one's foot in it
to say or do something stupid. I really put my foot in it when I asked about his wife – she had just run away with his friend!


خُطْوَة krok fodtrin Schritt πατημασιά paso askel pas korak passo 足取り 걸음걸이 voetstap fottrinn ślad passo шаги fotsteg เสียงฝีเท้า adım bước chân 脚步


n. paso, pisada; [print] huella del pie.
References in classic literature ?
Of their legal tenure there could be no question; but old Matthew Maule, it is to be feared, trode downward from his own age to a far later one, planting a heavy footstep, all the way, on the conscience of a Pyncheon.
There had been a moment when I believed I recognized, faint and far, the cry of a child; there had been another when I found myself just consciously starting as at the passage, before my door, of a light footstep.
hearing the footstep at the door, but not turning round to it.
through his nose, as he used to do in the morning when he heard James' footstep at the door.
The deceitful strength which had buoyed Eva up for a little while was fast passing away; seldom and more seldom her light footstep was heard in the verandah, and oftener and oftener she was found reclined on a little lounge by the open window, her large, deep eyes fixed on the rising and falling waters of the lake.
Becky resumed her picture inspections with Alfred, but as the minutes dragged along and no Tom came to suffer, her triumph began to cloud and she lost inter- est; gravity and absent-mindedness followed, and then melancholy; two or three times she pricked up her ear at a footstep, but it was a false hope; no Tom came.
And really, I do not think the impression will soon be over," said Emma, as she crossed the low hedge, and tottering footstep which ended the narrow, slippery path through the cottage garden, and brought them into the lane again.
A more elastic footstep entered next; and now I opened my mouth for a 'good-morning,' but closed it again, the salutation unachieved; for Hareton Earnshaw was performing his orison SOTTO VOCE, in a series of curses directed against every object he touched, while he rummaged a corner for a spade or shovel to dig through the drifts.
Sand turns traitor, and betrays the footstep that has passed over it; water gives back to the tell-tale surface the body that has been drowned.
There was a great hurry in the streets of people speeding away to get shelter before the storm broke; the wonderful corner for echoes resounded with the echoes of footsteps coming and going, yet not a footstep was there.
Omer, hearing his daughter's footstep before I heard it, touched me with his pipe, and shut up one eye, as a caution.
During the whole interval, whenever I went to the bottom of the staircase, I heard her footstep, saw her light pass above, and heard her ceaseless low cry.