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A marking stone at the foot of a grave.


a memorial stone at the foot of a grave



a stone set at the foot of a grave.
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"The gravestone and the footstone have been there for many years.
The color charge is a fundamental and crucial assumption and is the theoretical footstone of the QCD.
The conclusions will be the footstone of our future work.
However, the perfect prior as footstone of accurate regularization QSM method is still an ongoing research.
Basic Non-discrimination principles and principle is the rules footstone of WTO.
In this study, we contrasted the biochemical characterization and showed the structural modeling of this enzyme aim to be a footstone for the further deeper insight.
What started out as an Eagle Scout project for one Assabet Valley student from Marlboro, Jason Slocum, turned into a full-fledged footstone overhaul as the school's JROTC units carried out a mission.